Let the Power of Big Data Flow Into Your Manuals

Unlocking Big Data and letting it flow into your manuals can help immunise your business against some of the liability and maintenance issues we’ve discussed. It helps to build your wall against DLP claims.

Over the years, with all the different clients that we have, which includes Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, and Canada, and across multiple specialised areas within the construction industry, we've been exposed to a lot of different scenarios and different lessons learned from our clients.

With clients in different countries, with different standards, regulations, and legislation, we are privy to inside information about how incidents in one country or region, lead to changes that may work their way into where your business operates. We help clients get on the front foot and make changes ahead of time. Changes that go over and above the current requirements and future proof them to a degree.

The deadly fire that ripped through a tower building in London, in part due to the external cladding, funnelling the flames up to the higher levels, has affected the way documentation is required in the UK.

Knowing about the changing codes in the UK following the London fire, we have advised clients in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, how to get on the front foot and to consider putting certain things into their manuals because of the likelihood of those changes coming to their countries.

It saves them from having to go back into the construction closet and dust and polish those skeletons later. It's done ahead of time, in anticipation of changes.

One of the things that have come out of the London fire incident, is that it's putting greater responsibility onto the people that have installed things, to leave the right information on site. In the case of the London fires, people lost their lives. That's triggered not only a UK wide search, but it is expanding to a worldwide search of where else those products are installed.

Without useful information, that’s hard to trace. It's certainly forcing people to be much more organised with their data. The local governments are starting to not accept a lower standard of manuals anymore, we are seeing this in the UK and it’s creeping into other regions too

If you do all your manuals in-house and your business works in a specialised area of the construction industry, within one state or one country, then you are likely to miss out on the benefits of big data.

For our clients, we can draw from a big data pool, that we leverage to our client's benefit. Our library of information from the lessons learned from a range of clients translates to strengthening the wall against DLP claims for all our clients.